digital addix

Solutions tailored to succeed

Technology provides access to media inventory, but it’s the human component that understands how objectives deliver results. Luckily, we leverage both. Programmatic buying helps drive better exposure and collect broad data, allowing our experts to make the best decisions.

What we’ve done

Digital Addix has the experience to build the right campaign for the right industry. We’ve executed successful campaigns for higher education, retail, CPG, franchising, B2B services, financial services, politics, government, QSR, and more.

A QSR local product launch

  • 12 Day campaign
  • 2,000,000+ impressions
  • 1,900+ clicks
  • Tight DMA local targeting
  • 1 MM+ impressions delivered on top tier, premium local sites and mobile properties at a sub $5 CPM
  • All inventory secured against tightly focused demographic and behavioral targeting, including competitor targets

A national tool brand

  • 217,000,000+ impressions
  • 6,900+ clicks
  • sub $5 CPM
  • Behavioral targeting focused on small groups, including auto, DIY, sports, retail, and outdoors
  • Contextual testing across site categories including sports, automotive, and men’s interest
  • 1.5 MM+ impressions delivered across top tier, premium sites and mobile properties, such as NASCAR, MLB, NFL, BleacherReport, GQ, and more at a sub $10 CPM

A regional health & wellness service

  • 15,000,000+ impressions
  • 17,000+ clicks
  • sub $5 CPM
  • Tight DMA targeting on all inventory
  • Daily CTR exceeding 0.5% on peak days
  • 2.2 MM+ impressions delivered across premium male and female interest websites and local websites at a sub $10 CPM
  • 1.3 MM+ impressions delivered utilizing a 5-mile location radius to store locations at a sub $3 CPM

A state government campaign

  • 9,000,000+ impressions
  • 7,700+ clicks
  • sub $6 CPM
  • Weekday and weekend segmented delivery strategies, weighted to evening hours
  • 2.6 MM+ mobile impressions and 700K+ tablet impressions delivered to a sub $5 CPM
  • 20 MM+ Facebook impressions with a reach of 600K+ and a frequency of 32+