digital addix

Work smarter and harder

We do what’s best for business by making media better. Digital Addix delivers results and insights, ensuring better exposure and learning from business intelligence data—because without collecting information from beginning to end, your campaign is nothing more than a purchased media campaign with average delivery metrics.

How we work

  1. Plan1
  2. Create2
  3. Connect3
  4. Learn4
  5. Complete5
  1. 1. Plan

    Set goals and objectives

    When considering the best media approach, critical factors must be identified and considered. Every campaign begins by determining the best KPIs given the objectives.

  2. 2. Create

    Craft a media mix

    Once the success factors are determined, we craft a digital media mix such as banners on top tier websites, mobile and video ads, behavioral targeting, and social exposure.

  3. 3. Connect

    Ensure relevant exposure

    Resources are allocated across a spectrum of inventory to connect the customer with multiple mediums, balancing exposure, targeting, reach, frequency, and impact.

  4. 4. Learn

    Collect broad-spectrum data

    Using technology and human control, we collect data that helps optimize and refine during any phase of the campaign to ensure maximum media effectiveness.

  5. 5. Complete

    Deliver results and insights

    Identifying top performing days, times, creative types, categories, and segments, we get results and improve future buys by identifying what worked well and what didn’t.